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What is the difference between marching band and drum corps?
March 19, 2007, 7:00 pm
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There are many differences between the modern drum corps and the modern marching band, the main one being available time these ensemble have to work with.  A drum and bugle corps may work up to 14 hours a day, every day on a show, whereas the average marching band is lucky to have 14 hours in an entire week to work on their show.  Consequently, a drum and bugle corps can accomplish much more difficult patterns of motion and musical repertoire. 


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Of course, another major difference between the modern drum and bugle corps and
the modern marching band is the presence of woodwinds.  If you see woodwinds, then you are not watching a drum and bugle corps.  If you do not see woodwinds, then you may or may not be watching a drum and bugle corps.  It’s much like the insect vs. bug question.  You can have a marching band without woodwinds, but you can’t have a drum and bugle corps with woodwinds. 

The third main difference between a marching band and a drum and bugle corps is the age range.  While your average marching band may have members at the junior and/or senior high levels, the ages of DCI division I drum corps participants ranges from about 15-21.  Generally, those ensembles with a younger average age place lower than those with a higher average age.  (Don’t hurt me…it’s only a generalization.)  This makes sense because “older” corps include college music majors, who hone their skills in the off-season.


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